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Project: Implementing the Strategic Plan with the Kentucky Department of Education



The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) requests two types of support from our R5CC team for their strategic planning (United We Learn) efforts: 

  1. Support for agency leaders to improve their communication and guidance of implementation of the agency’s strategic plan
  2. Assistance with building general agency capacity for monitoring implementation of shared goals.

High-Leverage Problem

Commissioner Glass and the Kentucky Board of Education have articulated a desire to align initiatives to the United We Learn vision for public education in Kentucky. The three principles are to create "a more vibrant experience for every student, encouraging innovation in our schools-especially when it comes to assessment, and creating a bold new future for Kentucky's schools through collaboration with our communities" (United We Learn, 2022). The scope of work described here will assist agency leaders in fostering a consistent focus on alignment of efforts to shared goals and continuous improvement at this critical time of transition of commissioners (the current commissioner transitions out of the position on September 29, 2023). Assistance with alignment and implementation of key goals at the KDE should enable agency teams to support districts and schools in a more unified manner, thus improving educators’ ability to focus on the state’s strategic goals to improve the quality of education for all students. The types of supports planned here are applicable to current strategic planning efforts and can support the agency in adjusting efforts if needed after the transition to a new commissioner and according to the ongoing work of the United We Learn Council.

Approach to Capacity-Building Services

Our R5CC team will communicate regularly with those at the agency managing this work to ensure that the supports provided meet the needs and respond in a timely manner to shifts in those needs. We will keep in mind the institutional barriers, challenges, and history of strategic planning work at KDE as we plan and execute.