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Project: Implementing the Strategic Plan with the Kentucky Department of Education



The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) recently underwent a strategic-planning process, and they have asked R5CC to assist them in implementing their new vision in two specific ways. First, they would like assistance developing a plan to address the issue of teacher turnover (most likely by better using data and implementing innovative approaches). Second, they have requested help to monitor KDE staff's implementation of the new strategic plan, in a way that's authentic to each initiative, not just a compliance exercise.

High-Leverage Problem

KDE has established three pillars for their work: a vibrant student experience, innovation (especially related to assessment), and community engagement. The work on which KDE has asked R5CC to collaborate would help further these pillars. First, the teacher shortage is nationwide, not just an issue in Kentucky. Recent research notes that policymakers need "granular data to help them tailor solutions" and that the reasons for shortages vary between regions, states, districts, and even schools (EDWeek, 9/6/22). Second, the need to develop meaningful monitoring systems is one that will increase KDE's ability to effectively implement their strategic plan. R5CC's assistance in both of these areas should help to improve the quality of education in Kentucky.

Approach to Capacity-Building Services

R5CC will support KDE on these two topics with technical assistance tailored to each of the issues. For the teacher shortage work, we will identify research and best practices across the nation, and work with KDE to determine how they may be modified to work in Kentucky. In addition, we will help them identify data sources that could be used to better understand the scope of the problem. For the implementation efforts, R5CC will work with KDE leadership to better define their needs and monitoring goals. We will collaborate with them to build a system that provides both guidance to KDE staff and monitoring to KDE leadership, so all can see how their work impacts the organization's efforts to implement the strategic plan.