About Us

“We are a team of experts in technical assistance, education, and communications who have come together to provide capacity-building services for state education agencies (SEAs) throughout our region. By supporting educators and programs at the state level, we help strengthen teaching and learning throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.”
—Kimberly Hambrick, Director,
Region 5 Comprehensive Center

The Region 5 Comprehensive Center serves the needs of SEAs in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

We build the capacity of SEAs to improve policies and implement evidence-based programs showing that states implement Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). We accomplish this by providing technical assistance in areas such as trauma informed schools, educator effectiveness, and equity and culturally responsive instruction as they relate to improving student achievement.

We work collaboratively with the leadership in each SEA to:

  1. Conduct a needs-sensing process to identify priority areas.
  2. Identify evidence-based practices to address the needs identified and then develop a process to integrate those practices into the SEA’s current policies, procedures, and programs.
  3. Offer support to stand-up and sustain the new practice as local education agencies (LEAs) implement it.

Our goal is to increase each SEA’s capacity to address issues for their students and families by building upon prior successes and providing access to additional resources and information to create new wins.


Our clients are important to us and we value the partnerships we are able to build with them. For that reason, we developed a set of core values that we use to guide our work with our clients and each other.

Meet States Where they Are

We bring proven capacity-building delivery processes and expertise to guide the work; but, effective capacity building must authentically engage stakeholders to identify problems. Our team does not offer a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to working with SEAs but one that meets the unique needs of each.

Focus on Equity

We conduct our work through an equity lens. We know that context matters and how equitable services need to be delivered, taking root causes into account including poverty, race and ethnicity, and disability.

Embrace Human-Centered Design Thinking

Our team uses human-centered design thinking to guide our capacity-building supports. Design thinking includes clients and stakeholders and finding the solution leading to sustainability. 


The Region 5 Comprehensive Center is responsive and flexible. Our staff are well-versed in building capacity in a variety of areas, including but not limited to leadership development and coaching, strategic communication, performance measurement, social-emotional behavior, and continuous improvement. We also have access to leading experts and resources to support our initiatives.

Below is a highlight of some of the services provided to our region:


Region 5 Services Graphic

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Our Partners

Westat is proud to partner with the following organizations to implement the Region 5 Comprehensive Center.

Center for Assessment