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About Us

We serve clients in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia by helping to identify, implement, and sustain effective evidence-based programs, practices, and interventions that support improved educator and student outcomes.

The R5CC Difference: Making an Impact in Education

Meet our leadership team, Kimberly Hambrick, Laura Taylor, and Brad Keller. In this short video, they describe what makes this team unique as well as the exciting work happening in the Region 5 Comprehensive Center.

Our team of subject matter experts designs customized solutions based on the unique needs of the state and the population, resulting in positive impacts that the entire nation can benefit from. Learn more about our initiatives involving Networked Improvement Communities and educator effectiveness by exploring our projects.


Our Work In Action

Based on the needs of the state, R5CC’s team co-creates an actionable work plan to leverage evidence-based practices and builds a network of connections to serve the needs of their staff, communities, and stakeholders in a way that fosters a positive impact on students and their success.

We work collaboratively with the leadership in each SEA to:

We work collaboratively with the leadership in each SEA to:

Identify and fully understand complex issues

Identify evidence-based practices to find sustainable solutions to integrate those practices into the SEA’s current policies, procedures, and programs

Expand supports to the local education agencies and support programmatic change

Where We Work

We work in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia to provide capacity-building services for high-leverage problems.

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Our Values

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We transform education by working collaboratively with the states in a way that meets their unique needs.

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We empower the states with proven capacity-building processes and expertise, designed by working collaboratively with them, listening to their needs, and working with them to ensure their success.

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We create an environment of inclusiveness and diversity in all aspects of our work with clients and within our team.

Working with R5CC is always a pleasure. The team are consummate partners who asks all the right questions and strives to give Kentucky the best possible technical assistance. We love working with the team! I know I can call anytime and get a quick response and answers to questions. I am proud to say we have been partners for many years now and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Karen Dodd , Kentucky Chief Performance Officer

Our Results

We strive to equip state and local staff with the knowledge, skill sets, and resources that it requires to improve equitable educational outcomes for all students, close achievement gaps, and improve the quality of instruction.

Data from 2022 Annual Performance Report

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    Our clients are satisfied with the quality, usefulness, and relevance of services provided

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    Our clients report that our capacity-building services are aligned to the state strategic plan or ESSA goals

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    Our clients report that our capacity-building services are evidence-based and consistently delivered in a timely manner

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    Our clients report that the R5CC works with the state in a collaborative manner and fosters a trusting relationship

Visit Impacts & Ideas to learn more about our results.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of educators, practitioners, evaluators, and communication specialists, skilled in collaborating to deliver high-quality and capacity-building support services.

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Our Advisory Board

Our Board reflects the priorities of the region with perspectives from local leaderships to families to help guide our work.

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Our Partners

Westat is proud to partner with the following organizations to implement the Region 5 Comprehensive Center.

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