Planning Engaging Learning Experiences
Amy Lamitie, Shauna Harps

This resource provides recommendations for methods, tools, suggested (not endorsed) sample solutions, and tasks trainers can use to increase participant engagement in professional learning experiences. It also outlines connections between adult learning principles and steps in the Adult Learning Framework.

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This user guide provides guidance on how to use, maintain, and update the Region 5 Comprehensive Center Data Dashboard.

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The Region 5 Comprehensive Center created a data dashboard to help education stakeholders view and analyze data collected though surveys. The accompanying user guide that provides guidance on how to use, maintain, and update the dashboard, can be found here

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The Region 5 Comprehensive Center (R5 CC) worked in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) to develop an adult learning framework and toolkit. This guide is a companion to the Adult Learning Framework (ALF). It works in partnership with the framework while considering the unique challenges associated with the development of engaging and effective online, asynchronous learning experiences that have become embedded in the fabric of learning for all.


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Zoom is one of the most effective web conferencing tools on the market and is very popular right now. Here are some tips to using Zoom for effective virtual meetings.

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Adult Learning Framework
Shauna Harps, Amy Lamitie

The Adult Learning Framework and toolkit were developed to support education stakeholders in their efforts to ensure all professional learning experiences are high quality, conducted and assessed consistently, and are aligned with adult learning theories.

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An effective website continuously improves to meet its users’ needs, constantly measures progress, and implements incremental changes toward desired goals. In the summer of 2020, the client requested that the Region 5 Comprehensive Center develop a plan to continuously improve a new website. On this website, the client teachers can upload, download, comment upon, and share instructional materials with other teachers.

Preview - Website Continuous Improvement Plan