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Project: World Language Academic Standards Review



KDE requests assistance in reviewing and revising the World Languages Academic Standards to meet the requirements of Kentucky Senate Bill 1, which requires that the Kentucky Academic Standards are reviewed and revised every six years, that the review and revision process is transparent, and that all Kentuckians have an opportunity to participate in the public comment period. This effort will act as a continuation of the previous (2012-2019) Comprehensive Center's support and build upon the capacities developed by KDE during that time period. 

High-Leverage Problem

Standards misaligned to current best practice and research. KDE’s current plan for World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages was developed in 2013. Since 2013, the national ACTF World-Readiness Standards for Learning languages were updated (2015), the NCSSFL-ACTFL Interculturality Can-Do Statements were updated (2017) and there is a need to update, align and revise the KY WL Standards and Can-Do Statements. 

Approach to Capacity Building Services

The Region 5 CC team will assist KDE in: facilitating the review and revision of the Kentucky World-Readiness Language Academic Standards, including support in drafting an updated survey to collect stakeholder input and analyzing the data; analyzing and synthesizing the results of a review of research- and evidence-based practices, including the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (2015), NCSSFL-ACTFL Interculturality Can-Do Statements (2017), and other references; developing a final report summarizing public comment and presenting a responsive rationale for revision of the standards; and presenting such information to advisory panels and, ultimately, to the state Standards and Assessment Process Review Committee (SAPRC).