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Team Member: Brad Keller, Ph.D.

Co-Deputy Director
Brad Keller

About Brad Keller

Brad Keller, Ph.D., has worked with Region 5 Comprehensive Center (R5CC) for over four years as a state Co-Lead for Kentucky and, now, as a Co-Deputy Director of the Center. Using logic models, Brad enjoys helping teams better understand and communicate their activities, goals, and values and is comfortable presenting research findings to a technical audience. He also has extensive work experience in developing, implementing, and analyzing educational interventions and systems changes. A Native of Region 5, he was born and raised in West Virginia and now lives in Falls Church, Virginia, with his wife and two daughters. When not working, Brad volunteers at the Elephant House at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. 

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Areas of Expertise

  • Logic Models
  • Strategic Budgeting
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging