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Project: Framework for Adult Learning: Supporting Improved Delivery and Assessment of Professional Development



The R5CC team's support to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) has involved assessing existing professional development practices, developing the Adult Learning Framework (ALF) and complementary resources and tools, and supporting ALF sustainability and continuous improvement.

High-Leverage Problem

Tennessee's Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan states that "the department is committed to supporting districts in the development of more effective, personalized professional learning through tools that allow better tracking and evaluation of professional development" (Tennessee Department of Education, 2018, p. 250). The ALF was designed to ensure all educators and staff have access to high-quality professional learning experiences that are grounded in adult learning theory. The intention is for all professional learning experiences to be developed using the ALF. Tennessee's American Rescue Plan includes numerous opportunities for professional learning. The tools and resources developed through this project support efforts to design and assess the learning experiences consistently.

Approach to Capacity-Building Services

The R5CC team conducted an audit of professional learning practices, reviewed evidence-based professional development practices, led development of the ALF and supplemental tools and resources, including a data dashboard. R5CC also provided recommendations for the content and structure of ALF-related trainings, supported TDOE in identifying principal needs to increase retention, and the R5CC team will continue developing tools and resources that incorporate adult-learning principles. These activities will support TDOE's efforts to increase the knowledge and skills of staff at the state-, regional-, district-, and school-levels, increase educator and staff retention, and increase awareness and adoption of the ALF.