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Team Member: Jason LaTurner, Ph.D.

Subject Matter Expert
Jason LaTurner

About Jason LaTurner

Jason LaTurner, Ph.D., has 20 years of experience providing technical assistance, evaluation, and research support to states and districts. His primary areas of expertise are in supporting educators and leaders focused on preparation and retention. Additionally, he provides technical assistance and training to clients on how to build logic models, use state longitudinal data systems, develop efficient data collection tools, analyze data, and present results. He has previously led the Texas Comprehensive Center, supporting a broad spectrum of projects and has supported local agencies in an additional 10 states. He has conducted research on several teacher development and appraisal topics. Jason works with the R5CC team to support the Tennessee Department of Education and is currently exploring Tennessee teacher vacancies and examining how to best leverage the educator focused data systems for positive outcomes. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Use and Visualization  
  • Educator Preparation, Evaluation, Certification, and Retention 
  • Professional Learning  
  • Change Management