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Center Ideas: 5-with-5: Kimberly Hambrick

Kimberly Hambrick

Kimberly Hambrick is the Director of the Region 5 Comprehensive Center. In that role, she leads the R5CC's efforts to provide capacity-building services to state education agencies (SEAs) and support educators and programs throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Kimberly sat down with us to answer five questions.

  • One

    What’s one thing you find especially fulfilling about your work with the R5CC?

    I love working alongside the team and our SEA clients to design solutions or strategies for SEAs to implement to better meet the demands of their work. They are doing high-pressure work with limited resources, and it is an honor to walk alongside to assist them. Truly no greater work than the education of our future leaders.

  • Two

    What’s one thing you wish others knew or understood about the work of the R5CC?

    We are truly invested in the region and our work. We are NOT in this work to grow our own success. Our work empowers our clients to better reach their outcomes. When they are successful, we know we have met their needs.

  • Three

    What’s one recent accomplishment of which you are especially proud?

    In March 2022, I received a Maxwell Leadership Culture Award in recognition of my growth as a leader. To be awarded this by John Maxwell was a true blessing. I am perfectly imperfect as a leader, but I strive daily to empower my team to live their true potential.

  • Four

    You can recommend one (1) book to a friend who will actually read it. What’s the book?

    Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud – a great book for personal and professional pruning in areas of our lives. Asking what is working…bringing a sense of peace, profit, or purpose allows me to better focus my attention, efforts, and energy. I ask a variation of this question personally and a slightly different one in directing the R5CC. In terms of the R5CC, we have limited resources, and I need to ensure we are working in areas that are of high need for our states and that we are providing the best service to guide them forward.

  • Five

    What’s one goal you have for the R5CC in the coming year?

    To continue to serve our clients to ensure that their work is having the impact that is needed to improve educational opportunities for all. And to better share out the results of our work in collaboration with our clients.