Initiatives by State

The Region 5 Comprehensive Center is currently working on the following initiatives.

Science Academic Standards

This initiative assists KDE in updating the state's Science Standards to better align with current research and reflect stakeholder feedback.

Economic Shutdown

This initiative assists KDE with identifying what actions the state should take to mitigate the long-term impact of the economic shutdown.

Accelerated Learning Framework

This initiative supports Kentucky’s current 2018-2023 strategic plan and its interim planning, including strategic budgeting decisions and resource targeting, to respond to COVID-19 learning disruptions by identifying evidence-based strategies for closing achievement gaps quickly.

Recruit and Maintain Effective Educators

The purpose of this project is to identify evidence-based practices and promising regional practices for TDOE to consider as they design and implement an intensive and comprehensive plan to recruit, prepare, engage, support, and retain effective educators in Tennessee.

Framework for Adult Learning

This initiative (1) develops a framework for delivering high-quality professional development to educators, (2) understands best practices for virtual learning, particularly for educators in rural areas with limited access to the internet, and (3) improves digital learning throughout the state.

Compliance Model to Continuous Improvement

This initiative builds capacity in VDOE to successfully transition from a compliance model to a continuous improvement model of school improvement through effective communication and collaboration, identifying promising practices, and embracing an implementation science framework.

High-Quality Literacy Instructional Resources in Virginia

This initiative builds capacity in VDOE by supporting efforts to strengthen awareness of the OER system and build a repository of high-quality literacy resources accessible by educators across the Commonwealth.  

Helping WV's Educators Support Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences

This initiative builds capacity of West Virginia’s educators to support students with adverse childhood experiences through the design and implementation of a process to monitor the quality and collective impact of WVDE’s ReClaimWV initiative. WVDE will increase its capacity to design, deliver, and measure the impact of targeted trainings, materials, and aligned professional learning opportunities focused on supporting students from substance use disorder family systems.

Supporting the Design and Implementation of Teacher Leadership Framework

This initiative builds upon efforts underway in West Virginia to support three critical aspects of the educator talent management framework – recruitment, development, and retention – by focusing on facilitating stakeholder awareness and engagement activities to build momentum, value, and clarity about the teacher leader process; supporting the Teacher Preparation Task Force priorities; and leverage existing WVDE strategies to fill shortage areas.

Networked Improvement Community – Relevant Evidence-based Practices
This project builds the capacity of Region 5 SEAs to implement a structured approach to continuous improvement utilizing the implementation science involved in the design of a Networked Improvement Community.


Peer to Peer Conversations
The Region 5 CC will partner with the four states to facilitate organized conversations between peers around common problems of practice. The state leaders will convene quarterly to share information, improve their skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the domain determined to be the focus of each of the meetings.