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Project: Supporting Strategic Communications



R5CC will support the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) in improving communication processes related to staff onboarding at the district level. R5CC will help improve state-level communication processes and build TDOE's capacity to support communication with district staff.

High-Leverage Problem

Effective communication is a key priority for TDOE, as evidenced by its emphasis on transparency and enhanced communication in the state’s American Rescue Plan. TDOE leaders specifically described a need to improve the onboarding process for new local education agency (LEA) staff to ensure pertinent information is shared in a timely manner, and help LEAs meet important deadlines for assessment and accountability in particular. (e.g., District Testing Coordination). For example, the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement [TISA] Act recently passed and will be highly scrutinized. It will be critical for districts to report accurate and timely data.

Approach to Capacity-Building Services

To help TDOE improve the onboarding process for new LEA staff, R5CC will conduct an audit of current onboarding and communication processes, and identify LEA strengths, gaps, and needs through focus groups with LEA leaders. R5CC will use results to identify strategies to address existing gaps and develop recommendations for improving and/or refining processes (specific strategies are to be determined after reviewing audit results).