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Project: House Bill 938 Education Initiative



Virginia Department of Education requests R5CC's capacity-building expertise to garner and document stakeholder input on HB938. The outcome goal is to provide the State Board with stakeholder-reviewed recommendations for HB938 by 11/30/2022. The recommendations will be synthesized and used to define the priorities and goals of the bill. HB938 focuses on 1) excellence in instruction & student achievement in math, 2) expanding Advanced Studies Diploma as an option, 3) transparency & honesty of performance measures, 4) ensuring performance measures, 5) SOL proficiencies are maintained, and 6) strong accreditation with meaningful accountability. R5CC capacity assistance focuses on developing VDOE human and organizational processes when required to respond to expedited requests.

High-Leverage Problem

The VA Secretary of Education and VDOE Supt of Public Instruction must provide the Chairman of the House Committee on Education & the Senate Committee on Education and Health stakeholder review and recommendations for HB938 by 11/30/22. The final review & recommendations will define and clarify the HB938 priorities and goals. Tasked with this effort, VDOE is requesting R5CC’s human and process capacity expertise in meeting the deadline. The collaborative efforts will involve best practices throughout the work and include: weekly planning meetings with specific objectives, outputs, and outcomes; identifying, selecting, and convening the stakeholders; compiling stakeholder resources; developing communication methods; and documentation.

Approach to Capacity-Building Services

Human capacities are developed through the following activities: 1) collaborating with VDOE to plan and conduct Stakeholder focus groups to garner feedback and perspectives on HB938; 2) Assisting with the preparation of meeting agendas, facilitation, and documentation of the Stakeholder Meetings; 3) collaborating with VDOE to develop a detailed Gantt Chart as a framework for the initiative; 4) Assisting with briefing HB938 updates and documents; 4) Continue as a thought partner through all Q1 meetings, reports, identification of action plans, and next steps toward implementation.