Nov 26, 2021

Strategic Budgeting: Maintenance of Effort Resources, and Office Hours

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While our formal blog series on Strategic Budgeting ended last week, we wanted to bring your attention to two things.

First, the Region 5 Comprehensive Center has released a number of resources related to new requirements from the U.S. Department of Education, which I know a number of you have been seeking.  You can find them all here, but I’ll outline them below too.  They include:


In addition to the Region 5 resources, the National Comprehensive Center has a number of resources on planning and recent legislation, which you can find here.


Second, we’re hosting our final Office Hours on Tuesday, November 30 at 1 pm Eastern Time/Noon Central Time.  These sessions are designed so you can connect virtually with the authors of the blog on Strategic Budgeting, to ask questions, provide feedback, and discuss the topics explored in this series.  You can click here to register and add the event to your calendar.

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