Aug 20, 2021

Return to School Roadmap

US Dept. of ED logo

The Return to School Roadmap by the U.S. Department of Education (Department) is a resource to support students, schools, educators, and communities as they prepare to return to safe, healthy in-person learning this fall. As part of the launch of the Return to School Roadmap, the Department also released:

  • A fact sheet for schools, families, and communities on the  Roadmap, reviewing  three “Landmark” priorities, and elevating schools and districts that are addressing each in effective ways.
  • guide for schools and districts outlining what schools can do to protect the health and safety of students, including increasing access to vaccinations and steps for implementing the CDC’s recently updated K-12 school guidance.
  • checklist that parents can use to prepare themselves and their children for a safe return to in-person learning this fall.

To read more about additional resources that the Department will provide to schools, districts, and parents and students as part of the Return to School Roadmap, click here.