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Success Story: Region 5 Comprehensive Center Partnership with Tennessee Department of Education

Region 5 Comprehensive Center (R5CC) Partnered with Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) Leaders to Develop the Adult Learning Framework (ALF). 

The following steps outline the R5CC team’s process for developing the ALF and related tools and resources in partnership with TDOE leaders.

I understand [adult learning strategies] more as I work with you. It helps me to be a better presenter because it’s more engrained now.

TDOE Leader

Development Steps

  • Step 1

    Conducted Continuous Needs Sensing

    Discussed ideas for delivering high quality professional learning (PL) consistently statewide with TDOE leaders and assessed and addressed emergent needs.

  • Step 2

    Build Knowledge

    Identified and summarized key literature on adult learning and PL strategies to increase incorporation of adult learning principles into existing PL practices.

  • Step 3

    Examined Existing Processes

    Conducted a statewide scan of PL practices and analyzed survey data on PL processes.

  • Step 4

    Developed Framework

    Built the Adult Learning Framework and toolkit informed by steps 2 and 3.

  • Step 5

    Created Resources

    Produced tools, guidance, and other materials to support ALF implementation including:

  • Step 6

    Constructed A Data Dashboard

    Designed a data dashboard to store and view survey data and developed guidance for updating and maintaining it.

Facilitating Factors

  • Drawing of an eye

    State leaders’ clear vision and active engagement.

  • Drawing of four hands arranged in a circle

    Thought partnership between R5 CC and state leaders.

  • Drawing of three icons representing people standing in a row

    R5CC engaged experts when appropriate.

  • Drawing of a flowchart

    R5CC developed a PL planning structure.

Contextual Factors

  • Drawing of two icons representing people with arrows showing them switching places

    TDOE staffing changes throughout the department during the project.

  • Drawing of a hand holding a gear

    TR5 CC support for TDOE’s efforts to improve its PL processes and practices.

Results to Date

  • Text that reads "Nearly 24"

    Training sessions have been delivered using the ALF for state, district, and school staff.

  • Text that reads "230+"

    Seats filled across trainings.