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Feature: 5-with-5: John White

This is a photograph of John White.

John White is a Region 5 Comprehensive Center Subject Matter Expert. As such, he supports the development of R5CC resources and provides capacity-building services to state education agencies (SEAs) throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. John sat down with us to answer five questions.

  • One

    When you think about R5CC’s upcoming work with states, what capacities are you the most excited about building? Why?

    Communications capacity building -- I look forward to helping program leaders within state education agencies identify their priorities, review their current tools and tactics, and develop plans to improve and expand communications to explain and show the impact of their work.

  • Two

    What’s one thing you wish others knew or understood about the work of the R5CC?

    The comprehensive center team is not coming to take over a project but to work with you to solve problems. We can offer skills, expertise, and experience to co-create solutions and help achieve your goals.

  • What’s one recent non-work accomplishment of which you are especially proud?

    I helped my daughter graduate college without student loans and no debt.

  • Four

    You can recommend one (1) book to a friend who will actually read it. What’s the book?

    If you like history, the power of a great orator, and the challenge of nearly 1,000 pages, I recommend Churchill: Walking With Destiny. I'm halfway through it, and it's a good one I'm committed to finishing.

  • Five

    Which R5CC blog or resource is a ‘must see’ and why?

    Resource: Managing Teacher Leadership -- At a time when every state is experiencing teacher shortages, the resource can help school and district leaders design, implement, and evaluate a formal teacher leadership program, which can increase student learning and strengthen educator development and retention.