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Center Ideas: 5-with-5: Amy Lamitie

This is a photograph of Amy Lamitie

Amy Lamitie is the Region 5 Comprehensive Center's West Virginia Co-Lead. In her role, she supports the R5CC’s efforts to provide capacity-building services to that state's education agency (SEA) and support educators and programs throughout West Virginia. Amy sat down with us to answer five questions.

  • One

    What’s one thing you wish others knew or understood about the work of the R5CC?

    I wish folks had a better sense of why comprehensive centers exist. It’s difficult to take advantage of our assistance if you’re not sure why we're here in the first place. This is to say, we’re not consultants for hire, we don’t have a product we’re pushing, and we don’t have our own agenda for what we think organizations should be doing. Our work is about helping state education agencies and school systems do their work.

  • Two

    What’s one recent non-work accomplishment of which you are especially proud?

    I spent the winter learning to curl! 

  • Three

    You can recommend one (1) book to a friend who will actually read it. What’s the book?

    It’s hard to recommend one, so I won’t! If you enjoy sports literature: The Hard Hat by Jon Gordon is a witness to the life of a Cornell University lacrosse player and explores 21 ways to be a great teammate. If you enjoy irreverent humor: anything by David Sedaris. If you love gardening: Second Nature by Michael Pollan. If you are looking for a reason to pare down your possessions: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson!

  • Four

    What’s one goal you have for the R5CC in the coming year?

    My team’s goal is to bring the work directly to the practitioners.

  • Five

    If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

    Google maps, Audible, North Country Public Radio!