Matt Finster
July 26, 2021

Studies have demonstrated that Teacher Preparation Programs (TPPs) matter, and more specifically, that they Read More

Lori Vandeborne
July 7, 2021

The Region 5 Comprehensive Center team embarked on a journey with state educational leaders in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia to co-develop a Networked… Read More

Matt Finster
June 14, 2021

West Virginia Legislature House Bill 4804 provides an opportunity for school districts to design teacher leader roles that can provide teachers with opportunities for advancement without leaving… Read More

John White
June 7, 2021

Deputy Secretary of Education Cindy Marten opened the May 27 Summer Learning and Enrichment Collaborative meeting by describing the creativity she's seeing from school districts… Read More

Christina Fetzko
May 27, 2021

As the school year is ending, schools and districts are finalizing their plans for summer learning programs. Unlike in previous years, state and local education… Read More

Matt Finster
May 25, 2021

For school districts that may need to reduce spending and potentially lay off employees, “Read More

Rachel Crowley
May 18, 2021

Web developers try to take into account the user’s experience and goals when designing a website. However, as time passes, even the best-designed website requires… Read More